announced this week that is is shipping a brand new recumbent; called the 700. Lightweight, fast, with a gigantic back wheel. I want one.

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nerdbike 14 oz. mug
C'mon how many people in your office actually saw you ride those 30 miles into work on your tadpole recumbant trike this morning?

Slosh your joe into a mug and let 'em see your true colors.

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Scooter Riders are Nerds too
Yes scooters are trendy (if you are 15, or starring in an Italian movie). Might as well make a stand with a new shirt, or buy one for that cute girl and see if she wants to run her fingers through your hair as you scooter her to a picinic in the park.

This shirt is not a nerdbike shirt, but it should be.

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through life on bikes, trikes, or mopeds that would make their own mothers cringe.
Yes, you're a nerd. It's fine. Smell then drink the coffee.
Ride and repeat.